• Grading:  Students earn numeric percentage grades.  Grades are provided on a weighted numeric scale out of 100.   GPA's are provided on percentage basis only.  GASD does not provide GPA's on a 4.0 scale. The grading scale is as follows:


    A  = 94-100%

    B- = 83-84%

    D+ = 71=72%

    A- = 92-93%

    C+ = 81-82%

    D  = 67-70%

    B+= 90-91%

    C  = 75-80%

    D- = 65-66%

    B  = 85-89%

    C- = 73-74%

    F  = 0-64%


    Report cards are issued at nine-week intervals throughout the school year.   Academic progress reports may be issued near the middle of each marking period or when the teachers feel it is necessary.


    Grades are available for parents to view on Skyward. You will need a log on and password to access your parent account.



    Class Rank: Class rank is based on the final cumulative percentage grades for all GHS work.   Individual class rank will be calculated.