• Grading: 

    Students earn numeric percentage grades.  Grades are provided on a weighted numeric scale out of 100.   

    The grading scale is as follows:

    A  = 94-100%

    B- = 83-84%

    D+ = 71=72%

    A- = 92-93%

    C+ = 81-82%

    D  = 67-70%

    B+= 90-91%

    C  = 75-80%

    D- = 65-66%

    B  = 85-89%

    C- = 73-74%

    F  = 0-64%


    - Report cards are issued at the end of each Semester.   Academic progress reports may be issued near the middle of Semester or when the teachers feel it is necessary.

    - Grades are available for parents to view on Skyward. You will need a log on and password to access your parent account.



    Honor Roll

    In order to be eligible for inclusion on one of the Honor rolls, a student must be enrolled as a full-time student. GAHS has two levels of Honor Roll. The criteria are as follows:

    High Honors: GPA 94-100% and no course grade lower than 94%

    Honor Roll: GPA 85-93.99% and no course grade lower than 83%


    Course Weighting

    For the purpose of calculating class rank, final course grades will be on a 100 point scale and weighted with additional quality points according to the following.

    Advanced Placement = 1.1

    College in High School (CHS) = 1.1

    Accelerated = 1.03


    Class Rank

    Class rank will be determined using final percentage grades (rounded to three decimal places) in all Gettsyburg Area School District courses for which graduation credit is awarded. Dual Enrollment courses taken outside of the high school and taught by teachers not employed by the Gettysburg School District will not be included in the class rank calculation or subsequent decile placements. Independent study, college audit, test out courses, and foreign study credits will also not be included in the class rank calculations and subsequent decile placements. Students transferring to Gettysburg Area High School from other high schools will receive credit for work completed elsewhere.  However, final grades for those courses will not be included in class rank calculations and subsequent decile placements. 

    Individual class rank for 9-11th grades will be calculated at the end of each school year.  Senior class rank is calculated after Semester 1, and Term 3.