• Law Enforcement I - Grade 11


    Course includes general introduction into the criminal justice system.  Included is the history, function, and role of law enforcement, courts, and corrections in American society.  Examine trends and issues in law enforcement including Constitutional rights and review court cases   Explore use of force, patrol procedures, criminal investigation techniques, and officer safety issues. Hands on activities in officer safety, defensive tactics, arrest procedures, report writing, public speaking, and the use of the Pa. Crimes Code and Vehicle Code.


    Law Enforcement II - Grade 12


    Course expands study of Police Operations, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Criminal Investigation.  Emphasis is on the criminal justice system, criminal investigation, introduction to forensic science, crime scene investigation ,DUI investigation, and Frist Aid/CPR  Certifications available in Management of Aggressive Behavior, Personal Protection Police Baton Tactics, Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training, Practical and Tactical Handcuffing, and Personal Protection Defense and Control Tactics.