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    Advanced Placement World History
    AP World is a demanding year-long course that will require a large amount of reading, writing, guided discussion, and primary source analysis. The course will follow the intertwined histories of World Civilizations and their many peoples from the period Pre-History to the present. World history is very broad, intricate, and demanding therefore you will be entitled to a weighted grade. The course is divided into 5 distinct periods and emphasizes habit of thought and skills that have been developed by AP Central to develop the history skills of students that take the course.
    Advanced Placement United States History

    AP United States History is a year-long course that emphasizes themes and topics across the broad spectrum of American history. Students are challenged to develop a comprehensive understanding of the events, people, and circumstances that collectively represent the foundation on which our current society rests. In pursuit of this goal, students will read and discuss multiple historical texts, analyze historical documents, engage in meaningful activities designed to promote depth of understanding and retention of material, and ultimately form and express defendable opinions on the history of the United States.


    Advanced Placement U.S. Gov’t/Politics

    AP United States Government and Politics is a one-semester course, usually occurring in the spring semester. The class focus is on foundations, issues, and politics concerning national government and requires students to examine in-depth an array of historical and contemporary sources as well as news and current events. The course is reading-intensive and entails considerable work outside of class.